SafeWell offers solutions for personnel, process, operational, contractor and fleet safety performance improvement. U.S. companies may also want to take advantage of SafeWell OSHA and DOT training and assessment services.

SafeWell's conducts compliance assessments designed to evaluate a company's operations, work facilities, procedures and practices against various internal and external standards and regulatory requirements such as OSHA or DOT.

SafeWell conducts these assessments using detailed protocols. All assessments are conducted by skilled professionals. Assessment results are thoroughly and confidentially covered and reported to client management. SafeWell also conducts safety system and management performance reviews. These reviews differ from compliance assessments. They are based on best practices, industry standards, published research and the professional experience of SafeWell associates. They can cover areas of fleet, personnel and contractor safety performance.

Review techniques may include interviews, questionnaires and surveys of employees, contractors and management personnel to identify areas of strength and weakness in the safety management system.

Another SafeWell specialty used to complement and enhance other safety performance efforts is Behavior-Based Safety (BBS). SafeWell performance technology and behavioral professionals have designed and implemented behavior-based safety programs for manufacturing and process personnel, contractors and drivers.

Since a majority of accidents and injuries have been shown to stem from human error and 'at-risk' behaviors, well-established principles taken from human behavioral studies can be employed to identify and eliminate unwanted, at-risk behaviors, replacing them with lower-risk, 'safer' behaviors.

Behavioral safety has been in vogue for several years and some companies look to it as their primary safety-performance solution. At SafeWell we believe behavior-based safety is a significant tool, but more effective when used in complement with effective management systems and safety management tools.

Where a performance solution involves training, the training may be custom based on a client's specific needs and circumstances or it can be modularized to blend custom training with existing training templates. Examples of safety related training solutions that can be provided include:

• Behavioral Safety
• OSHA Compliance
• Hazard Recognition
• Accident Investigation & Analysis
• Job Observation/Feedback
• Safety Leadership
• Safety Communication
• Safety Training & Train-the-Trainer
• Ergonomics
• Hazardous Energy Control (Lockout/Tagout)
• Confined Space Entry
• Elevated Work
• Personal Protective Equipment
• Hazardous Work Permits
• Fleet/Vehicle Safety
• OSHA Recordkeeping
• Safety Management Techniques
• Safety & Health Audit/Assessment Techniques