With the cost of commercial insurance increasing, SafeWell risk control and loss prevention services can save a client significant costs by reducing the risk of losses from workers' compensation injuries and illnesses, vehicle accidents, property damage, fires, and security breaches.

The process begins with an assessment of the risk areas of concern, including an analysis of previous losses to determine the underlying causes. The assessment includes physical inspection of areas and review of programs, practices, procedures and management systems affecting losses. Observation and video-analysis of work practices and interviews with employees, contractors and customers may be conducted as well.

SafeWell uses detailed risk assessment and control protocols to ensure each prospective area is methodically reviewed. Various risk analysis techniques may be employed for measuring and evaluating various risk scenarios. SafeWell can also work directly with a client's insurance company and agents to identify areas where improved loss control will provide the greatest benefits.

Other SafeWell solution advantages, beyond improved loss ratios and workers' compensation experience modification rates (EMR), may include becoming a preferred supplier to customers. Today, many companies demand their vendors be pre-qualified based on meeting certain injury rate, loss experience and EMR thresholds in order to contract and do business with them or even work on their premises.

SafeWell's risk control services and solutions will help clients quickly get on their way to improved loss performance. The solutions leading to improved performance, whether from enhancements to training, procedures, communications, equipment or the work environment will also usually lead to better employee morale and improved relationships with customers and the community.