Our mission at SafeWell is to help people and organizations perform to their highest measures and standards. The 'measures' begin with effective performance objectives. In simple terms, we believe high levels of performance can be achieved when you get the Right people - doing the Right things - Right.

The first component of performance is having people know what to do and how to do it effectively through training. At SafeWell we see training as a tool for changing people's behaviors and performance where a lack of knowledge or skill exists. However, many times what appears to be a training problem is actually another type of performance problem in disguise. Knowing the difference between training and another type of performance problem is crucial.

Non-training related performance problems may stem from deficiencies and obstacles in the work environment, management systems, poor communications and feedback or workplace culture issues. Factors such as equipment and facilities design, ergonomic problems or procedural and information gaps may also impact performance.

Performance solutions for non-training performance problems can include the installation of a behavior-based performance system (see our behavior-based safety description), improvements to existing management systems, clearer communications and feedback, improved job aids and procedures and using human factors and ergonomic principles to make equipment and facilities safer, more efficient and productive.

Where the need for a training solution exists, SafeWell's Instructional Systems Design (ISD) tools allow us to quickly and cost-effectively develop performance and instructional objectives necessary for designing, developing, implementing and evaluating the right solutions for our clients needs.

SafeWell can design performance-based systems and training from scratch or employ performance and training templates. We can blend new and existing materials to speed the process and keep costs low.

SafeWell works closely with clients to determine the optimal training delivery methods for their circumstances. These may include traditional instructor-led training, computer-based distance learning, tele-training, self-study, or other combinations of media and training methods.

Where client training needs involve safety, health and risk control issues, SafeWell's professionals can serve as subject matter experts (SME's) as well as training designers to save clients additional time and costs. Types of training solutions frequently include:

  • Job/task/process training for operators and technicians. Our video-based training combined with performance and behavioral technologies can make your job training more effective and efficient.
  • Management and supervisory training. From soft-skills to technical skills in the safety, health, risk control areas including communications, leadership and use of behavioral technologies.
  • Personnel, fleet safety, occupational health, wellness, OSHA & DOT regulatory compliance training. Training varies depending on the intended audience, whether employees, managers, customers or contractors.

Bottom-line. Our performance and training technology tools allow us to tell the difference between training and other performance problems so our clients won't waste their time and resources implementing the wrong solutions.