SafeWell's health and medical professionals include board certified occupational medicine physicians and industrial hygienists. They offer a variety of services and solutions to assist clients in dealing with occupational health, wellness and medical surveillance issues. SafeWell physicians can administer your occupational health and wellness programs and serve as your chief medical consultant. SafeWell offers services and solutions in the following areas:

Medical Surveillance including Pre-Employment & At-Risk Physicals
• Medial Review Officer (MRO) Services and Drug Testing Programs
• Executive Physical and Foreign Travel Exam Programs
• Ergonomic Assessments, Studies and Analysis
• Workers' Compensation and Disability Case Management
• OSHA Recordkeeping Issues
• Occupational Health Policy and Procedure Development
• Industrial Hygiene Strategies and Monitoring
Exposure Risk Assessment and Toxicology
• Hazard Communication and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
• Hearing Conservation Training and Programs
• Respiratory Protection Training and Programs
• 24-Hour Product Emergency Call-Center Programs
• Health Service Audits
• Health Benefits Utilization Analysis
• Wellness Programs and Training - Diet, Lifestyle, Exercise
• Shift Work and Fatigue Programs